Vegan product list

Vegan Product List

If you want to be 100 percent sure that the product you are purchasing is vegan-friendly, take a look at the label to see which certificate it was awarded. We present you with a range of vegan-friendly and organic makeup and cosmetic products for your face and body, suited for any skin type.

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Organic Ingredients List

What sets Zuii Organic apart is the fact that our formulators utilise nature’s best ingredients. We focus only on ethical and sustainable sources that are bound to heal and nurture your skin. We also like to emphasise that our products are formulated with real flowers that are combined with essential oils, vitamins and minerals to create amazing blends to benefit your skin. 

Some of the products we use include carrot seed oil, sunflower seed oil, rose flower oil, chamomile, nettle leaf, honeysuckle flower extract, rose and jasmine buds, as well as aloe vera, chamomile and other healing produce that can be found in large amounts all around us.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its specific healing properties and will penetrate deeper into your skin to nurture it. If you struggle with any skin-related issues, choose one of our products strategically and you might just get rid of the problem in a completely natural way.

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Foundation Shade Match

Our simple to follow foundation colour chart makes it easy to find the right foundation for your skin. We know that getting the right match to your skin is ultimately the most important thing to make your foundation look fabulous.

Foundation Shade Matcher

Your Perfect Colour Match

We understand that choosing the best shade for your skin tone can be challenging, which is why our team of professionals is at your disposal to help you make the best decision! You can send us your COLOUR MATCH request and one of our professionals will contact you as soon as possible. Zuii Organic also has a range of vegan and organic makeup samples that you can order and have shipped right to your door, so that you can test the products first before choosing the ones you love the most.

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