DIY Tan Bundle

  • $74.00

We're making it so easy to keep your bronzed glow all year round, with our carefully crafted DIY Tan Bundle!

Enjoy a curated selection of your must-have Tan Range essentials, to maintain that gorgeous Zuii glow all year long. With four key players from our Certified Vegan Tan Range, using these in harmony with one another will allow for the most natural, radiant glow to prevail. From instant glow, to maintenance, upkeep and a radiant face to match, this is all you will need moving forward. Products included in our DIY Tan Bundle:

A gorgeous, year round glow starts right here! What are you waiting for?

Choosing your shade

If you're wanting a darker, more bronzed finish please select our WALNUT bundle.

For something a little lighter, please select our CARAMEL bundle.


To achieve your initial Zuii Organic glow, apply our Zuii Organic Flora Self Tan Foam all over the body. Pump onto our Tan Foam Applicator Mitt, and begin applying. Smooth over your legs, arms and body using long sweeping motions. Use the remaining over your elbows and knees. Let this formula sit for at least 4 hours, and no more than 8, then wash off in the shower.

To maintain this glow, apply our Zuii Organic Tan Body Lotion every second day. This gradual formula will ensure your glow is maintained and gorgeous at all times. Apply all over the body, like a moisturiser, and continue with your day.

To ensure the tan of your face is matching, apply our Gradual Tan Face Water every day. This formula will ensure a light, natural radiance to the face at all times. Used like a serum, just add this into your skincare routine and your face will be radiant at all times.


Please refer to each individual product page for a full ingredient list breakdown.