The Organic Cleansing Trio

  • $34.95

INCLUDING: Ionic Silver Mist + Ionic Silver Body Wash + 3-pc Organic Soap Trio

We've put our three most cleanse-worthy products together in one bundle for you, allowing you to keep your skin radiating in health at all times in life.This trio of products is essential for ensuring there are no hidden nasties lying under your skin! Say goodbye to germs, bacteria and dead skin cells... starting with this cleansing trio on your side.

Perfect for all skin types, and working in harmony with all skin conditions, this trio is going to allow you to feel confident in the most gorgeous, healthy skin of your life.


  • Ionic Silver Mist
    Research indicates that Ionic Silver has anti-bacterial properties, and is capable of eradicating all bacteria it comes into contact with in just over four minutes. We've put this key solution into a wonderful mist for you, to keep you protected regardless of where you are.
  • Ionic Silver Body Wash
    Pairing our best-selling Body Wash formula, with an abundance of Ionic Silver properties, this new-generation of wash is going to cleanse your skin of any nasties in just minutes. Use morning and night, and you'll be good to go!
  • Organic Cleansing Soap Trio
    Three brand new Organic soap formulas, all working to clean, hydrate and protect your skin with every use. Soap bars included: oatmeal, buttermilk and goats milk. 


Morning and night, pump a small amount of our Ionic Silver Body Wash onto the palm of your hands and smooth all over the body. Massage the product into the skin to create a nice lather/layer. Rinse off with warm water. This product is also perfect to use as a shampoo, facial cleanser and hand wash.

Throughout the day, spray a generous amount of Ionic Silver Mist to your hands and fingernails, rub hands together vigorously. Spray can be further used on any part of the body you personally deem necessary. We do not recommend spraying the mist in your mouth or drinking it.

Apply soap to your face and/or body in the shower or bath. Be sure to keep soap dry between usage for a longer lasting bar. Be sure to keep out of contact with your eyes.


Please refer to each individual product page for a full ingredient breakdown.